The Media Room April 21, 2015
Park CLOSED Tuesday, April 21

A helicopter fly-in of additional materials for the Outcroppings trail project is planned for Tuesday, April 21. The Park will be CLOSED all day while the pilot delivers materials to the work site on the mountainside. We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes to your travel plans.

The work being done on the Outcroppings trail will be complete sometime in May, and access to the Subway, Grotto and Pulpit Rock will be open! Be sure to check here on our website and on our Facebook page (Chimney Rock at Chimney Rock State Park) for updates.

Outcroppings Progress in the Making

Soon after NC State Parks bought Chimney Rock Park in 2007, an inventory was done to determine the condition of the trails and Park structures. Several did not meet state construction standards and were closed until improvements could be made. Access to popular destinations along the Outcroppings trail—the Subway, Grotto and Pulpit Rock—were closed at that time. But, as noted in the State Parks’ Master Plan for Chimney Rock State Park, these destinations along the Outcroppings trail were to be redesigned, rebuilt and reopened.

And, work is well underway! A crew with NHM Constructors, LLC out of Asheville began in December 2014 to rebuild the stairs and boardwalks that will restore access to these unique features along the trail that leads to the “Rock.” As you can imagine, this is no easy task. Materials have been brought in by truck and carried up the mountain. A helicopter flew 70 loads of materials to the site in one afternoon, with the pilot threading the materials down through trees for the crew on the ground to put in place. The harsh winter weather we’ve been experiencing has made it even more difficult! But all of these efforts will be well worth it once access is complete. If work remains on schedule, Pulpit Rock, the Grotto and the Subway will be ready for you to experience by late spring.

Check out photos of our progress on this page. We’ll be adding updates and more images here and on our Facebook page to show you how things are going. Make plans to come visit. You’ll be impressed with what’s been happening during this generally quiet time of the year.

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